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Spotted Pigeon

Spotted Pigeon
Mission One’s Commentary:

Kanji puns are definitely hard to translate. Basically, madarabato is another way to read the kanji of ikaruga, and they both mean spotted pigeon.

By the way, rye-den is the proper pronunciation, just like gaiden is guy-den, and not gay-den.

RKasa adds:

Mission One’s phonetic romanization of “raiden” is kind of odd. If they could, would they translate “gaiden” as “guy-den”, as implied?

Anyway, regarding the topic of this comic: the 2001 arcade hit Ikaruga is one of the most beloved shmups of all time. X-Locks’ port of this title was released worldwide in April 2008.

Original comic: P.S.すりーさん No.80

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