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P.S. TripleTriple
A third-generation pop idol, she’s a lovable loser who’s having a hard time following in the footsteps of her more successful predecessors. Nobody can deny her talent, but for some reason, she just doesn’t sell all that well..

One thing that took me years to realize is that Triple’s Japanese name, Three-san (すりーさん), is a pun. You see, “san” is not only an honorific, but the Japanese word for “three”. Anyway, Three-san is a lovable heroine, and her constant struggles makes one want to root for her.

A strange little idol from America, who’s cute on the outside, but has a penchant for things like chainsaws and assault rifles. She doesn’t have many big hits (in Japan), but her fans there are as rabid as they come.

Hakomaru-san (はこまるさん) is my second-favorite of the cast, a yandere of sorts who combines moe with violence in a way that only the Xbox 360 could pull off in Japan, with exclusive titles ranging from Gears of War to The Idolm@ster. Her name appears to be made up of two different words: “hako” (“cross”) and “maru” (“circle”).

The hottest idol from one of the top agencies in the world. Her sidekick “Lynk” reacts to the movement of her wand, which leads to some awkward situations.

Embodying the cheerful good fun of Nintendo is Wii-san (うぃーさん), with a Wii Remote and Nunchuck staff and the hottest hits in the gaming industry. Like Nintendo itself, she seems a little bland at first glance, but this comic wouldn’t be the same without her.

Dee S.Dee S.
Whee!’s sister and another super-popular idol. She has a thing for touching and being touched, especially with pens.

The very successful DS-chan (でぃーえすちゃん) is a mentor to her similarly popular younger sister, Wii-san. She doesn’t appear very often, but is just as much a hard worker as the others.

An idol that’s had her share of misses, but is now the only one keeping her agency afloat. She’s engaged in a bitter rivalry with Dee S., although most of the bitterness comes from Pea’s side…

P-chan (ぴーちゃん), like DS-chan, sports a more “diminutive” honorific. This is probably because they are handhelds, but it’s interesting in light of the fact that they’re both older sisters.

A producer with a really loud voice and a whole lot of crazy ideas, most of which lead to failure. She used to manage idols herself back in the day, but now focuses on individual songs (a lot of which are a bit out-of-tune).

Sega-san (せがさん) is the best. She is, of course, emblematic of the gutsiest, most-forward-thinking Japanese console maker out there, with her leather jacket and carefree attitude perfectly capturing Sega’s spirit. It’s worth noting that the gen this comic takes place in is the first without a Sega console in a couple of decades, so her prominent role in this strip is no accident.

Triple’s sister, who was a mega-star with a long run at the top of the charts. However, she’s in the twilight of her career now and sometimes has to take on some strange gigs to make ends meet.

Two-san (つーさん) sometimes expresses frustration about the way things are going with Three-san, but at heart, she’s a loving sister. Her outfit may be a little plain, but she has had one hell of a career.

Dee Cast Single NESsie 32-EXAnd the supporting cast…
Dee Cast, Single, NESsie, 32-EX

There are many other characters in Triple’s world. We will meet not just the ones pictured here, but also X-Locks’ older sister X-Fox, producers such as Comcap and Co-A, and at least a couple others. As the series continued on in Japan, even more characters were introduced, including idols based on the PS Vita and 3DS.

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