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Twilight Years

Twilight Years
Mission One’s Commentary:

In Japan, a console’s final years are marked with a slew of romance games with manga-style schoolgirls. Looks like Double is going down the same road.

RKasa adds:

Once again, I turn to MobyGames. Here‘s their list of visual novels released for Double in 2007. There aren’t a ton, though there’s probably others that aren’t (yet?) listed in MobyGames’ database.

Two interesting tidbits tangentially related to this comic: according to their main page about the PS2, games were released for that system up until 2014. Also, what’s arguably the most popular visual novel of Triple’s own generation, 2009’s Steins;Gate, started out as an exclusive for X-Locks!

Original comic: P.S.すりーさん No.38,39

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