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Ducks For All Ages

Ducks For All Ages
Mission One’s Commentary:

Singing about ducks has been a family tradition. If there’s a Quadruple, one shudders to think about what kind of (or how many) ducks she’ll be singing about.

RKasa adds:

Once in awhile, I’ll learn something completely new to me while working on these entries. Today’s strip is one of those times.

Apparently, rubber duckies have been used in PlayStation tech demos for some time, and in 2007, Sony announced a title for Triple featuring these bath toys: Super Rub a Dub, a motion-controlled puzzler sold via PlayStation Network.

In recent years, the PlayStation Ducks have been used to show off the PS4 Camera’s AR capabilities. So yes, a theoretical Quadruple character would be singing about ducks.

Original comic: P.S.すりーさん No.54

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