P.S. Triple Classic


A bonus section housing articles and such related to P.S. Triple. New articles will be posted about every two weeks. There’s also a Site Business section where announcements about this site itself are made.

Massive Damage: A Look Back at the PlayStation 3 – Why does Triple struggle so much in her adventures? Here’s a brief, personalized retrospective of that console era, with a special emphasis on the PS3 and its assorted problems.

Exploring IKa’s Blog – Checking out some of the fanart, sketches, and other stuff on P.S. Triple creator IKa’s blog.

More Fun with Humanoid Consoles: Castle Vidcons – Some highlights from a webcomic that has a fair amount in common with P.S. Triple.

P.S. Triple in Print: A Visual Tour – A look at the four P.S. Triple books and two “official” anthology doujinshi, with over four dozen photos.

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