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Second Hit

Second Hit

Mission One’s commentary:

Comcap has a thing for boxers. It only takes one hit to get her down to her skivvies, but one more hit and… well, you know what happens.

Comcap’s look is based on Roll from the MM series, and the sound effect above the bones is supposed to mimic the death sound in the GnG series.

RKasa adds:

For those who have read the commentary above and are lost, the boxers thing is from the Ghosts N’ Goblins series, which is fairly dormant these days. In those action-platform games, the main character is a knight called Arthur. When his health is low, he’ll no longer be in his armor but in a pair of white boxers decorated with red hearts.

As for Mega Man‘s Roll, Comcap apparently shares her blonde hair and pigtail, and her ribbon is the same color as Roll’s dress.

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