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A NESsie Sighting

A NESsie Sighting
Mission One’s Commentary:

Back in the day, slowdown was a regular occurrence, as developers strained consoles to their limits. Now, there’s plenty of power to go around, which has NESsie a bit flustered.

RKasa adds:

NESsie appears to be dressed like an elementary school kid, complete with a hat, pigtales, and gigantic backpack. Perhaps this is because she was (and is) so popular with my generational cohort, who were elementary schoolers at the time?

Toward the end of NESsie’s career, many of her productions would push the limits of what she could do. Granted, this is a common occurrence for many late-in-life console idols, and seeing as how Triple is still new to all of this, NESsie should probably go a bit easier on her.

Original comic: P.S.すりーさん No.16

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