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Warriors Forever

Warriors Forever
Mission One’s Commentary:

If there’s one thing Co-A likes, it’s Warriors. The Warriors series still sells really well in Japan, but most Westerners are tired of defeating enemy officers, too.

RKasa adds:

I don’t know a ton about the core Dynasty Warriors (aka Musou) series, but I think the little guy Co-B might be based on Zhuge Liang.

The specific game Triple is freaking out over is Dynasty Warriors Gundam, the first media tie-in for the infamous massive-battle hack-and-slash franchise. Nowadays, it seems like such Dynasty Warriors spinoffs are all over the place.

By the way, this strip was the last one in the first P.S. Triple app, and therefore, we’ve reached the halfway point in this project! We’ll pick up again on Monday with a whole week’s worth of full-color strips from the Vol. 2 app. See you then, and have a good weekend!

Original comic: P.S.すりーさん No.40

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