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Catching the Fever

Catching the Fever

Mission One’s commentary:

In the original Japanese version, Dee S. was singing about picking berries. It was changed to something that would resonate with Western audiences a bit better… or at least just get stuck in your head.

RKasa adds:

Here we are, the first true webcomic of the series! While Mission One’s iOS apps each led off with ten color comics, in Japan, these were exclusive to the printed books. The “core” P.S. Triple webcomics are uncolored and drawn MS Paint-style. They are also all still online in their original Japanese. As such, I will include the links to said originals for each of these posts.

As for this debut installment, it seems like this was first posted two months after the Japanese releases of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. I imagine they were still selling like hotcakes at the time.

Original comic: P.S.すりーさん

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