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Images and Words

Mission One’s commentary:

It’s funny how some developers in Japan use the power of next-gen machines to make text-heavy “interactive novels.” Saygah is guilty of this as well.

Originally, Saygah’s gift was a Japan-only golf game, so it was changed to something that the 16-bit faithful would understand.

RKasa adds:

How times have changed! Back in 2009, when Mission One’s commentary was written, visual novels were very much a peculiar niche in the West, whereas these days, they’re… well, still nichey, but also a genre that many more gamers are familiar with.

Service Games“, as seen on Saygah’s shirt, was Sega’s original name. I couldn’t find the specific golf game referenced, though it does seem to be one for the Mega Drive (aka Genesis), which might explain the “Blast Processing” localization.

Original comic: P.S.すりーさん No.02

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