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Simple Directions

Simple Directions

Mission One’s commentary:

This is based on a certain racing game featuring a blonde in the passenger seat. You advance through the stages by choosing either left or right — as such, it’s the only way Saygah knows how to move forward.

Saygah’s shirt (which was left in Japanese) bears the name of said racing game.

RKasa adds:

Of course Saygah would recommend a chili dog stand…

OutRun is written in hiragana here, whereas, to the best of my knowledge, the “official” Japanese name tends to be in katakana (アウトラン).

The branching path system that OutRun uses was an innovative concept in racing games at the time, and similar features would show up in other games later on. An example of a modern game that uses such branching routes is Space Invaders Extreme.

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