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The Blame Game

The Blame Game

Mission One’s Commentary:

That may be her lucky charm, but she’s not the only one carrying that particular title…

The lucky charm was originally a Japan-only title called “Depth.” You’ve never heard of it either, have you?

RKasa adds:

So I looked up Depth on MobyGames. It was a PS1 (Single) title from 1996 which was also released in the UK in 1998 under the title Fluid (so much for “Japan-only”?!). MobyGames describes Depth/Fluid as an “Interactive Sound Lab” featuring “over 600 samples, an entire studio of audio effects, an 8-track mixing desk and an interactive light show”. Reminds me a little of Electroplankton. As Triple is an idol, it’s easy to see why Depth would appeal to her so much as to be her lucky charm.

Ridge Racer makes a good lucky charm too, though. Riiiiiidge Racer!

Original comic: P.S.すりーさん No.04,05

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