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Bringing Back the Hits

Bringing Back the Hits
Mission One’s Commentary:

Sometimes you gotta know when to let things rest…

RKasa adds:

There are leeks in Triple’s eco bag! Leeks are a signature item of Hatsune Miku, a virtual idol who would star in many hit singles for Pea, Triple, Vita-chan, and 3DS-chan beginning in 2011. However, this comic is from late 2006. Was it a subtle prediction of things to come?

It’s funny that the those Miku titles were published by Sega, given the strip’s content. Most of the titles riffed on here are easy to figure out—Toejam & Earl and the Alex Kidd and Virtua series—but the one in the third panel may not be. It refers to the semi-obscure Dee Cast single Floigan Bros., which stars characters named Hoigle and Moigle.

Original comic: P.S.すりーさん No.20

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